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What is Humanism?


Humanism presents the view that we can make sense of the world
using reason, experience, evidence and shared human values; and
that we can live good lives without superstition, religion or myth.

Many of us believed when we were young that the Tooth Fairy took away
the tooth we had left under our pillow and left us some money in its place.

Many of us believed when we were young that Father Christmas came
down the chimney at Christmas to bring us presents for having been good.

If you don’t believe one or both of the above now, it may be because
as an adult you know and think differently.


  Beliefs change constantly over time: most people now believe that the earth goes round
  the sun rather than the other way round.

  Humanism encourages our ability to question, query, and doubt any idea, belief, theory,
  religion or political system

  Humanism encourages our ability to think for ourselves and our freedom to do this.

What do Humanists believe?

Humanists believe that moral values, the principles that
guide how we behave and act, are properly founded on
our experience and human nature alone. Our decisions
are based on the evidence available to us and our
assessment of the outcomes of our actions; and whether
our actions will be to the benefit of others.

While Humanism is a philosophy that  includes Atheism
(the belief that there is no God) and Agnosticism
(the belief that nothing beyond the known world
can exist without proof), Humanism  also supports
respect for all individuals’ rights and experience
but believes that individual responsibility, social
co-operation and mutual respect are as important.


  Humanists acknowledge and celebrate  namings, marriages, partnerships
  and funerals.  Please contact BHA if you want someone to help you
  do this or http://www.humanistceremonies-southwest.co.uk/

  Is Humanism new?

  No, the ideas and philosophies that form the basis of Humanist thinking go
  back to the Ancient Greeks, and can be seen in the work of the Free Thinkers
  of the 19th Century whose philanthropy helped to relieve the distress of the
  poor and encourage education for all. For more info:

Taunton Humanists          

In 2009, following a letter in The Taunton Gazette, people started to meet to discuss setting up a Humanist group and in January 2010 there was sufficient support and enthusiasm for the founding of Taunton Humanists which is now affiliated to The British Humanist Association.

What do we do?

We meet on the second Saturday of the month at 12noon in
The Winchester Arms, Castle Green, Taunton, Somerset TA1 4AD.

We are very informal and welcome like-minded people who show
respect for others and their views. We discuss ideas relating
to humanist philosophy, invite speakers and organise social
events and workshops. We also support and are linked to
the annual Ancestors Trail. http://www.ancestorstrail.net/main.htm

Membership costs: None at present.

Do Humanists enjoy themselves?

Yes of course, we’re human! We appreciate and are inspired by human endeavour in education, sciences, arts and culture. We are in awe of natural phenomena: even though we may  understand some of the science, we are still beguiled by rainbows, humbled by earthquakes and amazed by the cosmos.

Contact details

Phone: Paul - 01823 412784
Email: paulyoud@hotmail.com

Taunton Humanists is affiliated to:

British Humanist Association,
39 Moreland Street,

020 7079 3580

Registered Charity No 285987


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